Blood Policy: Anyone who is bleeding must immediately leave the mats and dress the wound. That person may not come back onto the mats until the bleeding has stopped and there is no blood upon them.
Any blood on the mats must immediately be removed and the mats cleaned. Gloves should be worn, the blood should be carefully mopped up with paper towel and the mats should be cleaned with a bleach solution containing 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and dried with a paper towel. Gloves and paper towels must be placed in a sealed plastic bag for disposal.
If blood spills onto a person that person should wash the area of contact thoroughly with soap and warm water. If blood has contacted a person's mouth or eyes they should be rinsed very well with water.

Further information about blood-borne disease may be found here:
Some judoka practicing their ko uchi gari. Viva la judo francais!

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