MAJJC is one year old

We would like to thank everyone for their support in the past year. The club now has a small number of dedicated members, we are now properly incorporated with a council and office holders,and can comfortably cover our rent.

Thank you to Brett and Fujimori Sensei for their moral support and guidance throughout. Cheers to Giles for volunteering his time to give us great training. Thank you to Ivan Sensei from the Shudokan Judo for the use of the Dojo and putting up with tardy payments. Thank you Sal Sensei from Goju-kai for allowing us to encroach into the Karate class time and for training with us. Special thanks to Rob Hart for his support during the dry times.

Last but should be first, thank you to all the members for the great training and enthusiasm. Everyone got their gradings this year.

Wish us good training this year.