shihonage workshop

Join us at the Melbourne Budo Academy on Sunday, August 20 for a comprehensive workshop on the shiho-nage technique.
In the 70's, Brett Nener Sensei trained daily with Akamon Aikido at Tokyo University and the
Shiseikan Dojo at Meiji Jingu. He also practiced daily with Fujimori Shihan. For the first year of this
training he just took ukemi, for the second year he just learned shiho-nage. Both he and Fujimori
Shihan have been refining this technique over the subsequent 40 years. Their shiho-nage is pretty good, and they've taught me a few things that I would like to share with you.
The workshop will cover both the basics of the technique and its subtleties. And as learning is achieved through practice we will offer some exercises that will allow aikidoka of all styles and levels to improve their shiho-nage over time.
Sunday August 20
10am – 1pm
Melbourne Budo Academy
level 1, 230 Brunswick St,Fitzroy
Giles Sadler
Butokuryu Aikijujutsu Godan


ude garami, abbreviated

Grainy, unfocused, badly framed footage. It it were black and white I could pretend that it was of an old master. Ude garami to a straight jab pulled back into guard.
謹賀新年 Happy New Year. Training will recommence Tuesday January 17. Here's the Sumo dezuiri ceremony at Meiji Jingu to wish us all health and good fortune. Sorry for the cheesy music intro, it's the best footage I could find.
Let's make the date official. Grading is next Thursday November 10. To save you scanning through the grading syllabus is here:


diagonal movement day

Diagonal movement day, spot the theme. In Butokuryu Aikijujutsu we use the same movements that we practice in suburi and tai-jutsu to perform atemi. We try to make our throwing techniques soft but powerful, and practicing atemi enables us to find the element of hardness in our soft throws. While our goju friends aim to seek the 柔 ju in the 剛 go, we can recognise the usefulness of accessing a bit of go in our ju.

resistance training

These clips have been on the facebook page for a little while, but some of our members aren't new media enough to see them. For their benefit, and to give some idea of what we do I'm posting them here. I'm not new media enough to waste time editing them though.
Just one thing - our resistance training is not so much to build strength as to discover the postures and movements that are strong, and to do them so much that they become our natural movements
Picked up a book in the dojo where my Chinese Medicine practice is, 'The Secrets of Aikido'. As far as I could tell the secrets are that for all his martial talents, Ueshiba was just a bit insane; and that if what he was doing was aikido, then nobody else has ever done aikido. Anyway the book has a chapter titled shugyo - constant training. There are no secrets to butokuryu aikijujutsu, there's just constant training. So happy Australia/ Invasion day, we train as usual.