Training in 2009 - Open Invite

We have begun training this March at the Shudokan Dojo, Brunswick, Victoria.

Classes are mixed gender; everyone is welcome to come along and have a try. No previous martial art experience necessary.

For enquiries, email:

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Who are you?
We are a non-profit group training in Butoku-ryu Aikijujutsu (Aiki Jujitsu).

What is Butoku-ryu Aiki Jujutsu?
An explanation can be found from our web site here.

Is Aikijujutsu for me?
The best way to find out is to step on the mat and try it out.
You can come say 10-15 minutes early to introduce yourself and have a chat. We are friendly. All welcome!

Who will teach me?
Everyone will, fellow beginners included.
Giles Sadler our Melbourne instructor conducts the classes.
Giles has been training in the Butoku-ryu style for more than 12 years under the tutilage of Sensei Brett Nener and Sensei Akira Fujimori. Giles now holds a 4th Dan in Aikijujutsu, and also actively trains in Judo.

What are the classes like?
You can find a description of a typical class here (last paragraph).

What do I need for training ?
Beginners may wear loose comfortable clothes without belts or buckles. We would like you to cut your toe and finger nails, and to remove any jewellery before getting on the mats.
If you have a gi, please bring it.

Are the classes suitable for women?
Aikijujutsu is suitable for both men and women and is taught in mixed gender classes. In our parent school, women make up 10% of the students and more than 20% of the black belts.

What if I missed the first class of this year? Can I still follow the syllabus?
It was not actually a 'first class' in that sense. We simply began 2009 training on that day. In every class we cover the basics and focus on a few essential techniques, so they can be practised often. The techniques that you missed out will soon be covered again.

I've never done this before. Is it ok to come?
By all means. Come along and we'll lead you through the basics. The classes are currently small, so you will get a lot of opportunity for involved training with the instructor and the senior students.

I can't come to every class. Is it worth coming or will I miss out too much on techniques?
Come to the class and take home the few techniques that you pick up. Your skill will improve more by consistently practising one or two basic techniques rather than trying to cover everything. Talk to the instructor on how to practise at home.

How do I become a member?
Currently there is a casual mat fee of $10/class. Membership arrangement is forthcoming this year.

Are you near Satellite Beach ?
No. We are in Melbourne Australia, not Melbourne Florida.

How do I get there ?
Take route 1 or 8 (via Swanston St -> Lygon St) or route 19 (via Elizabeth St-> Royal Pde -> Sydney Rd) trams. Click here for map. If you're near Satellite Beach you may have to take a plane first.